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UC&CS is a network of proven and trusted experts in international business, serving as a catalyst in its local, global and virtual connected communities to provide expertise in reducing risks and unleashing substantial growth opportunities for businesses wanting to expand internationally.
  • Started in 1999 in Mexico (Mexico City & Monterrey)

  • As of Nov 2013 we have 62 members throughout the world

  • We have an international multi-functional focus:

    • Accounting and Auditing

    • Tax and Legal Advisory

    • Business Advisory

    • Information Technology & Change Management

    • Workforce Planning & Business Execution

Our Strategic Association is integrated by Accountants, Lawyers and Business Advisors, with diverse services as:

  • Auditing

  • Accounting

  • Legal and Fiscal Advisory

  • International Trade

  • Transfer Pricing

  • Re-engineering of Business Processes

  • Corporative Finance

  • Information Technology

  • Change Management

We are organized in 5 Continents:


  • America

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • Africa

  • Oceania

In some geographies we have created Strategic Alliances with Firms or Regional Networks.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create and keep the best Global Association of Accounting, Legal and Business Advisory Firms in all the World, that provide our clients the best quality services in our areas of knowledge such as International Norms of Financial Information, International Norms of Auditing, Taxes, Legal and Fiscal Advisory, Advisory in International Affairs, Transfer Pricing, International Trade, Outsourcing, Systems Implantation, Financial Advisory, Advisory in Human Resources, Purchase, Sale and Liquidation of companies.

Our Global Values

PROFESSIONALISM: Every member of the firm has as a maximum priority the professional upgrading and fulfillment of the commitments got with our clients.

HONESTY: Every moment and with no exception we always act with truth, in an action frame of legality and transparence.

LOYALTY: Internally and externally we offer fidelity and honesty, preserving service as our maximum priority.

EQUITY: Justice in the relationships with our clients makes that our job has a reasonable benefit, according to the effort made, the applied technique and results got.

ETHIC: Any act of our Firm is framed by the highest standards of professional and personal characters. Any other interest blemishes our acting

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